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University Park Veterinary Hospital, canine, feline, laboratory, veterinary services Our in-house laboratory equipment allows us to provide you with an instant overall health profile for your pet, including Complete Blood Count (CBC), Chemistry profile, urinalysis, cytology, and fecal testing.  The CBC allows us to check your pet's red and white blood cell counts, blood volume and clotting ability.  The Chemistry will check for problems with liver and kidney University Park Veterinary Hospital, canine, feline, laboratory, veterinary servicesfunction,  blood sugar, proteins, electrolytes etc.  These diagnostic tests provide essential information for the early detection of blood disorders, kidney and liver diseases, diabetes, infection, cancer, thyroid disorders and other hormonal diseases.  Fecal examinations search for internal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, coccidia among others.  We also have the ability to perform cytology (evaluation of individual cells under the microscope) to check for cancerous growths, skin diseases, or ear infections.  Skin scrapings and ear cytology may be needed to search for mange mites, ear mites or infection.  As in human medicine, some testing needs to be sent out to specialized laboratories around the country.